Exciting modifications of ELF BAR DISPOSABLE VAPE BC5000 PUFF (2% nicotine)


Are you looking for less nicotine strength ELF BAR with maximum puff capacity than here we are! Guiding you complete detail self bar 5000 puffs about impressive packaging. So let's dig in, Elf Bar disposableVape 5000 puffs starter kit includes a dual mesh coil with 2% (2mg) nicotine strength. E-liquid capacity is about 13ml. 650mAh battery is available with 5000 puffs per disposable. It does not include a C-type USB charger.

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● It has a capacity of 5000 puffs maximum which are activated on the draw firing mechanism.
● This device is light and portable. Giving a classic and stylish look.
● Easy to handle and carry.
● Can be stored easily anywhere inside your pocket or purse.

Without any doubt ELF BAR has gained a lot of popularity in the vaping community. As it became one of the most known devices in the vaping market. ThereforeELf bar has been upgrading its taste and designing of the brand continuously. Which is an amazing approach towards newbie customers and retaining its previous ones.
Every device is more functional, unique and light and easy to carry than the previous one. You may wonder that Elf bar 5000 puffs hold 13ml e-liquid capacity but if you look at its shape and design it is still quite small and sufficient enough.

If we talk about its nicotine strength than it holds total 2% nicotine with 5.0 percent
TFN to give vapers a perfect cloud they desired. This device holds a 650mAh battery which is rechargeable .all you need to recharge your battery whenever the battery is low. And the device will be back on producing mesmerizing clouds.


All this output is the result of a simple draw activated firing mechanism. If you desire to have a smooth and superb taste then have a deep inhale for maximum result.
No doubt that ELF BAR BC 5000 disposable vape is one of the fantastic and tremendous vape products.

To charge your device all you need is a USB c-port charger which can recharge your device battery of 650mAh. Device comes with a prefilled 13 ml vape tank. Where each ELF BAR BC5000 contains 50mg nicotine salt e-liquid ideal for experienced vapers and adults.

Some most common FAQs:
Question: Can you recharge your vape device of 650 mAh battery health?
Answer: Yes ! We can recharge it with a C port USB cable.
Question: How long does ELF bar 5000 last long?
Answer: This device comes with 2% salt nicotine e-liquid which has 13.0 ml capacity and around 5000 puffs life expectancy.
Question: is ELF bar 5000 puffs refillable?
Answer: ELF bar 5000 puff is a disposable vape which is not refillable and does not require any maintenance.

If you are looking for a compact, yet stylish and durable disposable vape device then don’t forget to try ELF bar 5000 puffs as it is not required to be refilled. All you need is to open the packaging and there you go we welcome you to a bust of fruity and refreshing flavors. Which are delicious yet exciting in combinations. Some of the top flavors which are hit list in selling are following, Cranberry Grape,CubaCigar,MangoPeach,Gumi,SweetMenthol,Watermelon Bubble Gum and Strawberry Mango.