A Miracle Journal - Write to Your Angels

Would you like help from your Angels?

Why not make a "Miracle Journal." In your Miracle Journal, make a list of everything with which you would like some help.

At the beginning of the week, write what you want help with that week. What would you like to see healed or manifested?

TIP: When you have written down everything you can think of, go back and cross off anything that is not a "for the good of all, harm to no one," type of situation. Because you might as well know right now, it's not going to happen if it's not right for all. Angels don't work that way.

Review your list frequently. Keep it in your mind throughout the day. Feel the Angel's white light of protection following you everywhere you go. Keep your eyes open for your miracles.

Every evening, record all the miracles that you saw or felt take place. If nothing else, write "It was a great day!" Or something that makes you feel equally good. This will encourage the miracles to come un curso de milagros  tomorrow.

Every morning, review your list. You may have more requests. Add them.

At the end of the week, if something on your list wasn't fulfilled, take a harder look at it. Maybe what you have listed is too broad or too narrow. Are they really your heart's desire, or is it just a "wish?" If you have decided it really is your heart's desire, work with it. Shift words around until it's EXACTLY what you want. Each time you review your list, you're going to be amazed at all the terrific things that have transpired.

Thank your Angels and get ready to plan the next week's list. Feel how good it feels to accomplish all the good things you've always wanted to accomplish.

Thanks for reading,

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