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If you should be looking to buy the 3M Littmann Master Traditional II stethoscope, you are perhaps not alone. Whether you are a health care provider, nurse or student, the stethoscope is certainly one of your most essential resources in your practice of medicine. You might be looking to purchase a stethoscope for general exercise or one exclusively designed for cardiology, or pediatrics. Whatever the case, the most used stethoscope opted for by healthcare individuals in hospitals and establishments could be the 3M Littmann Grasp Classic II stethoscope.

This exceptionally common model is just a simple lumen stethoscope that is ultimately matched as an over-all examination stethoscope. The design 2144L, weighs about only 160 grams and is 27" in length. The Littmann smooth sealing hearing recommendations provide outstanding sound sign and comfort. Other functions includes a non-chill side and diaphragm and an assortment of available pipe colors.The stethoscope was developed in 1816 in France, but the father of the modern time stethoscope was Dr. Mark Littmann of the Harvard Medical School. Whilst the designer of the Littmann stethoscope in the 1960's, his stethoscope is currently the most widely used stethoscope on the planet today.

The 3M business bought the rights to the Littmann's stethoscope in 1967 and shaped the 3M Littmann subsidiary. In the 1970's they produced the very first tunable diaphragm which permitted the user to monitor equally large and low frequency sounds.In, 3M Littmann presented the Littmann Basic II Stethoscope. Ever since then it has become one of the very reliable and high quality stethoscopes that's applied around the globe by a large number of medical professionals.