Kid's Birthday Cake Ideas

If it is your kids' birthday, then trust me, he or she will be super excited about the birthday cake. Birthday theme, décor, and presents are something that kids look forward to on their birthday. They also wait for their birthday party.

If it is your kids' birthday, then take some time to decide on the kid's birthday cake. There are a plethora of options to choose from. Here are some ideas that you can try out.

Theme based cakes

How about a theme-based birthday cake for girls and boys? This is perfect for young children. You may have planned a birthday party for your child. For boys, it could be on cars on some superhero characters. Girls usually go for the pretty princess and frozen characters. Do not worry as there are many kids birthday cakes based on the theme. You can order the birthday cake based on the theme and then display it at your kids' birthday party.

Number birthday cake

How about the number of birthday cake for your child's birthday? This is incredibly popular on the first, fifth, or the tenth birthday. You can make a 3D figure of the number of cake. This is grand and makes the event stand out. So go ahead and order a number cake on your kids' birthday.

Photo cake

Kids are sure to get excited about a photo cake too. You can choose to put any photo on the kids' birthday cake. This could be a photo of their favourite cartoon character. You can also choose to place a picture of your family or the image of your child on the birthday cake. This is a super creative idea and something that your child will get excited about.

3D figurine cake

If your child likes some cartoon character, then you can go ahead and order a 3D cake. This is a fabulous cake that does stand out at any birthday party. You can choose to design the cake in the shape of a cartoon character. You should be extra careful to select the character based on what your kid loves. It could be anything, a cartoon character or anything that or child likes, like a car or a bus or a building. Just let your imagination go wild. Think of what your kid loves and make a 3D cake in a particular figure.


There are a plethora of cake options to choose from. You can decide on these cake designs as per what you think your kid will love the best. You can also get cakes in a variety of flavours based on what your child likes. It could be vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate, and various other Flavours. There are also rainbow-coloured cakes that stand out, especially if it a girl child's party.

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